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CMA - Comparative Market Analysis

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Please complete the following information which will be used to prepare a comprehensive report detailing all current real estate listings and recent sales activity in your neighborhood.

If you are planning to sell your home within the next 3, 6, or 12 months or even years from now, it is never to soon to know the market value of possibly your most important and valued asset!

Please simply answer a few questions to enable us to effectively email an accurate CMA of residential, condo/town-home, multi-family, land or commercial property.

Thank You!

A CMA contains recent market information on properties similar to yours that are:

Active - These are properties similar to yours that are currently available for sale. These are the homes you will be in direct competition against for the buyer's attention. Take note however,that some of these homes are likely to expire. - and if you price your home in consideration that everyone of these homes are priced competitively, you'll probably end up pricing your home too high  

Expired - These are homes similar to yours that have recently expired. That is, they failed to sell within the listing period (typically 3-4 months). These homes will give you an indication of what is likely too high a price to list your home.

Sold - These homes are similar to yours and have recently sold. These homes will provide you the clearest indication of exactly how much you should list your home for in today's market. They are a track record of proven successes. They also provide excellent insight as to how much your property will likely sell for and how long it will take.

When any real estate agent assigns a value to your home, you deserve to know how and why they have come to that conclusion. Why? It is important because different agents use different strategies to get your listings. If you choose the agent who quotes you the highest value, you may be doing yourself an incredible disservice.

Your home has a value to a buyer. Buyers shop around and compare values. With that understood, I will show you how to get the highest value out of your house possible.

Every real estate transaction must be supported with detailed, documented, statistical data about real estate transactions in the area. A Comparative Market Analysis shouldprovide:

1.  A complete list of real estate sales, including private sales, on the subject property´s street

2.  A complete list of similar properties that have sold in the area.

3.  A complete list of similar properties currently on the market in your area

4.  A computer-generated Comparative Market Analysis showing, among other details, the average asking and selling price for similar properties in the area

5.  A summary page, incorporating all the data that has been compiled for your consideration, in a concise and easily understood format.

6.  A recommended listing and possible sale price for the property

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