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Ocean City offers its residents and visitors alike many opportunities to enjoy this great city. There are parks, playgrounds, baseball, softball, football, soccer, field hockey and multi-purpose fields where you can take your children or be a child yourself and play to your hearts content. There are also numerous basketball, tennis, street hockey, shuffleboard and volleyball courts - many of them lighted for added hours of enjoyment.

Ocean City also offers educational programs for children and an aquatic and fitness center for adults.

There is the Ocean City Municipal Golf Course at 26th and Bay where you can meet your friends and play a 12 hole par 37 course. It is open in the summer from 7am to 7pm for your convenience. Normally it is open from 8am to 4pm

bayside.jpgHave you ever visited the Bayside Center at 510 Bay Avenue - 609.525.9244. This educational and activities facility is open seasonally only (last Saturdy in June until Labor Day from 10am -4pm). This center is dedicated to environmental and cultural aspects of the Ocean City bayfront where you and your children can learn about South Jersey's seashore environment. They have exhibits, displays and information to impart this information and everyone enjoys it here.

The Community Center is located at 1735 Simpson Avenue -
609.398.6900 where young and old alikecommunitycenter.jpg can congregate for many varied activities. There is a common lobby with wireless internet which is a very popular spot

 .....and of course there is always the water that surrounds the city where you can swim, fish, water ski, parasail, jet ski, surf, boat and so much more!  


Besides the beach, swimming, the boardwalk with its amusements, miniature golf and arcades, Ocean City offers water activities for you to enhance your vacation or your style of living. Remember to take your camera for most of these activities

Swimming  - There are guarded beaches all along the coast. Beach tags are required. Do NOT swim at unguarded beaches or after 5:00 PM

Waterslide  - There is a water park at Plymouth Place and the Boardwalk and is fun for the entire family. There is a "little persons" water park for children too young to enjoy the big slides

Fishing - Fish abound in Ocean City in the ocean and in the bay - You can expect to catch flounder, weakfish, bluefish, striped bass, tog, sea bass, kingfish and tuna! ..... and of course our delicious blue claw crabs

Surfing - Three of the State’s best guarded surfing beaches are at Waverly, 7th and 16th Streets

girls_surfing.jpg surfers.jpg surfing2.jpg

7th Street Surf Shop
654 Boardwalk, Ocean City - 609.391.1700

  Beach Bum's Limited
9th & Palen Ave, Ocean City - 609.398-6744
7th Street Surf Shop
652 Asbury Ave, Ocean City - 609.398.7070
  Heritage Surf & Sport
744 West Ave Ocean City - 609.398.6390
7th Street Surf Shop
1118 Boardwalk, Ocean City - 609.391.7877
  Nelson's Five & Ten
9th & Palen Ave, Ocean City - 609.398.6744
Surfers Supplies
3101 Asbury Ave, Ocean City - 609.399.8399


Super Fun Things To Do

Ocean City Parasailing
3rd and Bay Ave 609.399.3559
             parasail.jpg   Speed Boat Ride
10th & Palen Ave 609.398.5800



goingbeachlarge.jpgAs a barrier island, Ocean City is a close-knit community.   Corner stores really are around the corner, convenience stores are actually convenient, there are super markets serving each end of the island, and the beach is always less than a mile away.  This type of community makes walking and biking a perfect alternative for getting around town and it helps to keep you healthy.

Ocean City has a variety of designated bicycle routes or bike ways that provide for safe travels either alongside vehicle traffic or as a separate dedicated bike path.  There is a newly designated bike way along Haven Avenue from 9th Street to 34th Street.  This path interconnects the Transportation Center, Community Center, Intermediate School and Wildlife Refuge.  Ocean City plans to establish even more designated bike paths throughout the City. 

Along most of West Avenue from 32nd Street south, it is a shared-use road where there are delineated bicycle routes where riders have a lane separated from vehicle traffic and parked cars. 

The Boardwalk is a fabulous place to ride a bike along the downtown area of the island.  It is nice to be completely separated from vehicular traffic and the view is hard to beat.  However, since pedestrian traffic is so heavy during the summer months, there are restricted hours for bicycle riding from 5:00am to 12 noon that are enforced from June 1st to September 20th....but still enough time to enjoy

Bike Rentals:

Annarelli's Bicycle     
1014 Asbury Ave.
Ocean City, NJ
Ocean City Bicycle Ctr.
740 Atlantic Ave.
Ocean City, NJ
Galante Bike's                
943 Ocean Ave.
Ocean City, NJ
Surf Buggy Ctr.
860 E 8th St.
Ocean City, NJ
12th St Bike Rentals
1168 Boardwalk
Ocean City, NJ
13th Street Bikes
1301 Ocean Ave.
Ocean City, NJ
Bob's Bicycles
1368 Boardwalk
Ocean City, NJ
Oves' Bicycle Rental
4th St. & Boardwalk
Ocean City, NJ
34th Street Bikes
34th Street & West Ave.
Ocean City, NJ

Did you know that a bicycle can't stand alone because it is two tired.......

Whatever you choose to do......enjoy and keep safe!

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